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ZOJOX Magyarország Kft.


HU-2119 Pécel, Jókai utca 53. Hungary


HU-1185 Budapest, Bihar u. 6. Hungary






Ever since the establishment of our company, our main profile is implementing, installing, operating and maintaining security technology systems, fire alarm systems, video surveillance systems, access control systems, and telephone and cable television networks. Our experienced, trustworthy experts are ready to satisfy the needs of our partners and customers in every part of Hungary.

Since the establishment of our company, not only the number of our satisfied customers has grown, but our team of experts too. We continuously train our employees to be able to cope and work with the newest technologies. Besides using the most up-to-date materials and technologies, and working as cost-effectively as possible, it’s also very important to us to build and maintain a great relationship with our employees and customers.

Before every order, we perform personal and free site surveys to understand our customers’ goals better, and to be able to accomplish those as effectively and fast as possible. We provide our final offers after these personal consultations and negotiations – with the shortest deadlines possible -, considering all the individual needs of our customers and the amount of materials needed for the work. If needed, we are going to perform all the material procurements tasks too.

According to the needs of our customers we are also doing repair works within or beyond the warranty period, maintenance works and reconditioning works. Our stockpile and vehicle fleet makes it possible for us to begin all the ordered tasks within one or two days. We have a great relationship with a number of Hungarian manufacturers and suppliers therefore we are able to obtain special, great value or out-of-stock items too. If needed, we can also contact foreign partners.