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nyil Panoráma Offices – Surveillance cameras, access control systems and turnstiles

nyil Bombardier – Surveillance cameras and alarm systems

nyil Munich subway stations – Fire alarm network

nyil Gablingen prison – Installation of Cat7 uninterruptible power supply IT system

nyil Ady Művelődési Központ – Barrier access control and surveillance camera systems

nyil Installation of T-HOME SAT networks in Ferenc and Újpalota TC areas

nyil DIGI TV SAT – Substruction, starpoint and condensation works

nyil PR TELECON Zrt. – Internet, digital and cable television power-ups

nyil MATÁV – Analog and ISDN power-ups as a subcontractor

nyil MATÁV – Building and maintaining of wall-mounted, underground and air networks

nyil T-KÁBEL KTV – Starpoint networks and air power-ups in Dunakeszi and Esztergom

nyil T-KÁBEL KTV – Installation of Axelero internet modems

nyil OTP Bank branches – Surveillance cameras, fire alarm, access control and intrusion detection systems

nyil Budapest Bank branches – Surveillance cameras, fire alarm, access control and intrusion detection systems

nyil Ministry of Agriculture, Miskolc Land Registry – Structured network, alarm and fire alarm systems

nyil LIDL Logistics Center Hejőkürt – Surveillance cameras, access control and intrusion detection systems

nyil Palace of Arts Budapest – Fire alarm network

nyil Fővárosi Büntetés-végrehajtási Intézet (Penal Institution in Budapest) – Fire alarm network

nyil TÁVKÖZLÉSTECHNIKA Rt. – Telephone and cable television networks

nyil MicroNet Kft. – Microwave transmission networks

nyil GRAND HOTEL ROYAL – Structured network

nyil City Gate Office Building – NOKIA structured network

nyil LINDE Gáz M.o. Rt. – Surveillance and infra fence protection systems

nyil BKV Millfav – Reconstruction works

nyil BKV Millfav – Central traffic supervisor (KÖFE) and central traffic passenger dispatcher (KUD) systems

nyil BKV North-South subway line – Ticketing supervisor system at Deák square

nyil BKV North-South subway line – Signaling power bands

nyil BKV Ráckeve suburban train line – Electric cable network

nyil Mark Consulting office buildings – Telephone and computer networks

nyil B.A.Z. County Soil and Plant Protection Service – Structured network, access control and intrusion detection systems

nyil SAVOYA PARK Budafok – Installation of complete weak current systems

nyil OBI Budafok – Complete weak current systems

nyil ZARA mall, Váci street Budapest – Fire alarm system

nyil Bellevue Plaza – Complete weak current maintenance

nyil Bartók Ház – Telephone and computer networks

nyil MT Telecom Rt. – Cable television networks in the 11th district of Budapest

nyil KAPSCH Telecom Kft – Any Media ADSL devices, CWDM

nyil EURPKABLE Kft. Budaörs – Cable television networks in the 11th district of Budapest

nyil FIBERNET ZRt. – Internet connections, air and substructions coverings, and condensation works

nyil BEST Kft. – Telephone and cable television networks

nyil HÍRKÖZLÉS Kft. – Cable television networks in the 2nd, 3rd, 15th and 16th district of Budapest

nyil RÁVISZ 96 Kft. – Cable television condensation in Solymár

nyil UPC – network building, operation and maintenance

nyil Plusz Logistics Center Budapest 10th district – Surveillance camera system

nyil Pannon GSM – Expansion of POC1 and POC3 transmission networks

nyil DIGI Kft. – LAN internet network

nyil Fibernet Zrt. – LAN internet network

nyil Hunguest Hotels Zrt – Complete weak current systems

nyil Petőfi Literature Museum – Alarm systems